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Peripheral Vision: What are the Main Deciding Factors

Simply stated if you feel that your vision is like looking through a tunnel where on both sides you feel darkness or opaqueness then you get an idea of what peripheral vision really means. In technical terms this kind of vision is part of the normal vision that occurs outside the center point of your gaze. In other words, if you have this kind of vision problem then it means that you don’t actually see objects or surroundings in the normal wide angled way although you may be able to visualize things at the center of your gaze. This kind of vision problem that some people experience is also known as tunnel vision. Studies have revealed that generally human beings have lesser peripheral vision than that of animals.

Problems with tunnel vision

You are likely to experience several problems with tunnel vision as the density of your receptor cells on the retina, in technical way of saying, is the greatest at the center and quite meek or lowest at the edges or sides. This is the first of the symptoms that you may suddenly see and without doubt sometimes the tunnel vision appears all on a sudden and without any warning.

Tunnel VisionYou may also find it difficult in distinguishing between different types of color and shapes of objects. You may also find it difficult to see in dim light and may also find it difficult to walk properly due to vision problem on the edges. It is also seen that people may suffer severe to moderate symptoms of such vision loss that may affect their lifestyle too.

Some people may experience flashes in peripheral vision along with tiny specks also known as eye floaters that drift aimlessly around your field of vision. This may greatly affect their daily routine and would prove to be quite dangerous while driving. In such cases you must seek medical attention at once.

Basic causes of tunnel vision is due to glaucoma, eye strokes, detached retina, brain damage, neurological damage, compressed optic nerves and head injuries.


There is no good treatment if you have severe tunnel vision loss although for moderate cases there may be some solace. In case of moderate tunnel vision loss you may go to a low vision specialist who may prescribe you specialized eyewear or optical devices. You may with the help of these improve your mobility and may slowly carry out routine tasks at home or office.

You may also experience blurred peripheral vision caused by strokes, eye injuries, toxins and other medical conditions. In such case you don’t see things properly as in many cases it is seen that the retina gets torn and dislodged and the inner back portion of your eye that provides the vital function like blood, nutrients and oxygen gets blocked.

The best way for keeping away tunnel vision is to prevent it in the first place. There are some eye exercises taught by sports expert that can be useful for you or otherwise you may put eye drops prescribed by your doctor.