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Eyesight test: How to Identify Eye Vision Problems

If you have noticed some changes in your vision then you may test your eye problem initially with an online test. There are several charts in the Internet that you may instantly follow and see whether you have any refractive problem or not. These are in the form of charts and help you read the letters or diagrams on your computer with the help of your naked eyes.

The charts are so arranged that they form a pattern where the big letters or diagrams are on the top and subsequently become progressively smaller. This is the first step that you may take while trying to convince yourself and your family whether you have a problem or not. There are of course different ways as to how to test your eyesight yet for the more intricate tests you need to go to your ophthalmologist especially when your vision problem is acute.

Initial testing for vision problem

You may make use of the now famous and generally used Snellen Eye Chart which gives you the right way to interpret as to how you read each steps of letters as they follow into a progressively smaller state. For handicapped people there are other charts yet most of them follow the same pattern as depicted by the Snellen Eye Chart. There are 11 rows in the chart and usually you end up without able to read the last two rows or more if you have visual problem.

When you have noted that it is not easy to read the last two or three rows easily then you may have to visit your ophthalmologist. There are two reasons why you need to do this. For one you never know how much is your vision loss or whether you are also suffering from some other eye disease problem.

This means that an eye chart has its limitations and even if you were to follow the online chart reading you may be able to ascertain your vision loss generally, but not fully. Here you would need a more sophisticated eyesight test and this is possible only at an ophthalmologist.

Comprehensive Eye test

You will be able to get a comprehensive eye test when you visit your doctor who may suggest you that your eye has only refractive problem or that it has some other disease. You are likely to be suggested glasses, lenses or perform refractive surgery when the problem is one of vision error only.

Your doctor undertakes testing eyesight with other equipments and tools that gives him or her fair chance of diagnosing any hidden problem like glaucoma or other problems like peripheral vision, depth perception, color perception or failure to perceive.

If you have any eye disease then your doctor may suggest you medications apart from wearing glasses. You may also need to go for regular check up as most eye diseases are progressive in nature and tend to become acute as one ages. The tests often include eye fluid pressure, drying up of eyes and studying shape of the retina.