Lasik Surgery: What are the Salient Points?

You may be quite surprised about it yet a lasik surgery takes hardly five minutes and you may look your natural self once more. The most important aspect of Lasik is that it does not waste time for the patient and when you have committed to it you may never ever have to wear your glasses or contact lenses. It rectifies your eye’s refractive error by reshaping your cornea and the gaze. You may correct your vision even if you have refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbiopia. In all such cases you may be assured of permanent cure if you carry out Lasik or more commonly known as laser surgery of the eye.

Advantages of laser surgery

You may opt to go for laser surgery if you are a busy person and do not wish to spend time choosing glasses. Again, you may have difficulties of wearing glasses if your work is such or you may frequently misplace or loose your glasses due to forgetfulness. In such cases the Lasik procedure is the best one for you as you may once for all get your vision error corrected.

However unlike the lenses or glasses you need to meet higher expenses if you go for lasik eye surgery although it will still be a one time spending of your hard earned money. If you calculate the cost over a few decades for wearing glasses or lenses then you will note that Lasik is surely the cheapest. This is mainly because you may loose or damage your glasses or may have to change them according to the latest fashion or that you may need to increase the power of your glasses for better vision.

A patient usually feels the quick change brought forth by the laser surgery as his or her cornea heals. For those wishing a natural look the Lasik way is the best way to go forward. This is because if you are wearing contact lenses then it still remains an artificial way of looking at objects. Besides, your lenses usually decrease the amount of oxygen going into your cornea as well as make your eyes lose their ability to remove toxins, bacteria and other allergens.

Disadvantages of laser surgery

You have certain disadvantages of Lasik and this is that there might be a degree of night vision problem. You may see glares, halos and become sensitivity to bright lights yet the same would go away after three months of the surgery. You may also see red spots on your eyes and this too may go off after a week or at the most a month.

Then some people experience the dry eyes symptoms after the surgery yet here too this will disappear after a week or at the most 3 months. You may be asked to put eye drops by your doctor for getting relief.

In spite of the above problems cost of lasik is around $2200 for one eye on an average with variations depending on the technology and the particular need of the patient.

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