Foods for eyesight

Foods for Eyesight (Besides Carrots)

Carrots and other orange color vegetables and fruits promote the health of the eye and improve on vision, and this is very true. Carrots contains interesting vitamins such Beta-Carotene that gives it the orange hue color. This vitamin helps improve the functionality of the retina and other parts of the eye. However, eating healthy is not always about consuming Beta-carotene. However, it is not yet clear how the vitamin improve eye vision, a few other vitamins as well as minerals are crucial for healthy eyes. However, include the following foods in your meals and see your eye vision improve.

Leafy greens

Zeaxanthin and carotenoids are normally found in leafy greens with spinach and kales topping the list of foods with the highest amount of lutein. Other healthy foods include collard greens, Swiss chards, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Zeaxanthin and lutein are crucial for the health of the eye as both of them are found in the macular- a tiny part of the retina, and they help improve central vision.

Lutein is also found mostly in the macular pigment. The macular pigment helps in blue light absorption and protects the central vision. On the other hand, the zeaxanthin is found in the retina.

Orange pepper

Orange pepper is known to possess the highest amount of zeaxanthin. The body of a human being is not able to produce this compound. So, it is important to consume food that is rich in zeaxanthin.

Organic pastured egg yolks

Egg yolk contains high amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein as well as protein and healthy fat, and although the amount of carotenoids is minimal compared to other types of vegetables, they are highly absorbable. According to studies, consuming a few eggs a day increases carotenoid absorption.

Remember, once you heat your eggs or spinach, the lutein or spinach are destroyed and won’t be able to protect your vision. Therefore, you need to cook your eggs under little heat such as soft boiled, poached or raw.

The Alaskan Salmon

The Alaskan Salmon is very rich in omega 3 compounds. The eyes also contains high levels of omega 3 DHA, especially in the retina. Omega 3 helps to providing structural support to your cell membranes that not only protect the retinal function, but also boost the health of the eye. In addition, studies have found out that eating foods rich in omega 3 helps in preventing macular degeneration.

As a matter of fact, people who consumer animal-based omega 3 have 70 percent lower risk of macular degeneration unlike those who eat the least.


Salmon also contains high amounts of Astaxanthin. However, it is not easy to consumer enough of it to achieve maximum clinical results. Haematococcus pluvialis- a type of microalgae is the one responsible for the production of Astaxanthin. This happens when its water supply is cut off, compelling it to protect itself against ultraviolet rays.

Studies and reliable evidences have shown that this compound is one of the most critical for preventing blindness.

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