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Eye Exercises: Make the Best Use of Them

Growing number of people are nowadays affected by vision problems and the same is not limited to old age only as even children at very young age has been found to have one or other refractive error of the eye. The matter has assumed serious proportion as most people having eye vision problem are from the developed world. There is little doubt that the sedentary work has greatly contributed to this as most people in these countries spend most part of their working hours before the computers.

Hence a lot of research is being carried out to find reasons as to why people in modern life are more prone to vision problems and whether there is any way to solve this. There are tips on how to improve your eyesight naturally so that you may have good eyesight through out your life.

Best ways to improve refractory problems

Among the best ways to improve your existing vision or to prevent your vision from scaling down over a period of time is to make use of these time tested tips to protect one of the most important senses of your body. The best known way that has come down to us through ancient times is the natural way to restore your vision.

You must first make sure whether you have refractory problem or that you have inherited any disease of the eye. For this you must undergo a general check up at your ophthalmologist who will take detailed analysis of your eye apart from checking the pressure of the eye. Why this is important? This will give you the reason why you would need eye exercises or go for medication.

Remember, refractive errors are not diseases and can be rectified whereas diseases like glaucoma are often incurable when they are at their advanced stage and causes blindness. After this first tip you must be able to practice out the best of dozen exercises for the eye. You may get this by downloading programs from the Internet or with the help of your ophthalmologist.

You may also make use of tips for improving your eyesight from your friends or relations.

Make the best use of all these

If you have understood the basic exercises then it would be relatively easy for you to follow as they help in strengthening the six muscles of the eye. You must make sure that you have included the palming affect, blinking, side way viewing, front and sideways viewing, rotational viewing, ups and downs viewing, near and distant viewing and preliminary nose tip gazing.

You carry out these exercises regularly without fail and to tell the truth it would take hardly take half an hour of your time. Many people around the world have got rid off their glasses and contact lenses just by doing these exercises.

The last and not the least is the type of food you should take. Take a lot of carotene, green leafy vegetables, fish and foods that your doctor may suggest to you to improve eyesight.

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  1. A friend of mine has tried exercises for eyes based on Dr. Bates method and he said it is one of the best things he has done for his eye health. He cure myopia 70% in only 3 months of doing these exercises.

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