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Dry Eyes Syndrome and its Causes and Symptoms

In medical terms the dry eyes condition or syndrome is known as keratoconjuctivitis and is often widely seen around the world. Usually this syndrome is often found among older people and is seen to be progressive over the years. During dry eyes people often find that their eyes have become scratchy, gritty and that there is a burning sensation even while they feel that there is something inside their eyes. In most cases dry eyes are well taken care of by a good ophthalmologist and more often patients feel a sense of greater eye comfort. This also means that dry eye syndrome is never cured wholly as it lingers on through out the life of the patients on whom it has affected.

Causes of dry eyes

The causes of dry eyes are many although its association with age has been one of the reasons. It is usually seen that people experience hormonal changes in their body system as they age and this produces the dry eye affect as their eyes produces lesser tears than earlier.

Among the other causes of dry eyes one is directly linked with the environment or workplace where there is greater wind speeds or air conditions used. This especially happens to people who are regularly under the influence of wind or air conditions. The other important cause is the sun exposure as too much of it often makes the eyes go dry.

People often complain of dry eyes when they take medication due to cold or allergy. Heat or chemical burns is often seen to be the cause of dry eyes conditions and so also those who smoke regularly. This often is again seen in those who do not smoke, but are forced to inhale second hand smoke from others.

Dry eyes have been found in patients who had underwent an eye surgery earlier or when the glands that produce tears are destroyed.

Symptoms of dry eyes

You may find several kinds of symptoms when you are having dry eyes condition. Most probably you may feel blurring of your vision as well as burning and itching. You may also feel scratchy feeling in your eyes and become sensitive to light. These symptoms are commonly found yet there may be other symptoms of dry eyes and these again can be confirmed by your doctor by carrying out the necessary tests and eye exams.

In order to ascertain the dry eyes conditions and its severity your doctor may carry out different types of tests so as to prescribe the right medications and treatment. The tests may determine your visual acuity measurement with the help of most sophisticated instruments that are available today.

Your doctor may otherwise carry out the slit lamp exam of your eye or may use the diagnostic staining of the cornea and tear film. Then there are measurements like the tear film breaking time, measurement of rate of such tear production or the doctor may also carry out yet another examination like the measurement of concentration of tears in your eyes.