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Bates Method: How Does it Differ for Enhancing Natural Vision?

Bates principles for improving eyesight naturally is by removing the perpetual habit of strain that people developed over the years. The causes of strain mainly arise out of long misuse and improper utilization of human eye muscles such that their work falls too short of optimum functioning. Although Dr Bates developed the concept a century or so back, its importance was being seen only in recent times. Although most ophthalmologists and medical experts rejected the theory that Bates put forth yet the same has now been brought into limelight for certain ideas of the theory do hold good. It is true that nothing can be done about hereditarily occurring eye diseases and other chronic vision problems yet for those who are facing shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism this method may bring about great relief.

Reducing the need for glasses

According to Bates glasses make permanent distortion of vision and therefore should be avoided at all cost. For this he suggests reducing strain by observing gradual relaxation of your eyes. He says that there is more to vision than just carelessly or casually observing objects. Here, both the eyes and the mind should be in uniformity while observing objects or images.

As per bates method the eyes must perceive light, darkness, colors, shades and movements of the same in their details and depths while most people do so casually by taking all these for granted. This gap brings about strain and by and large the eyes become simply transmitters of information for the brain to process.

In order to bring about proper strength of vision he suggests removing of glasses and then to adopt a few good techniques to look at objects. This would eventually lead to better vision. He suggests a highly effective method like the palming that would give good relaxation to the eyes. The other methods are observing the swing of surroundings and then trying to get the whole of the picture immediately in your imagination.

The other step consists of catching the flashes that usually bring strain and in order to attain the state of relaxation for your eyes by making use of the ‘clear flashes’. These flashes are used as tools as and when they appear and you try to remember the whole picture with sharpness and clarity. This is done by absorbing the image through your eyes and then closing them so that you may imagine what you have seen. This technique over a period of time would reduce your eye strain.

Perfecting your vision

Bates suggests more of natural methods of exercising your eyes so that over a period of time you may have perfect vision. He says that you may be able to note the difference by using eye chart and with the other test cards. You may for instance try to maximize your focus for details while observing an object or letter from a distance and then closing your eyes to remember it.

Again, you actually need to enjoy the sun so that some good natural sunlight would enter your eyes.

Blurred Vision: What are the Causes and Solutions

You may experience blurred vision in one or both eyes due to several reasons. Most blurred visions are temporary by nature although if they are recurring at regular periods then there may be problem with your eyesight. You may need to have your eyes examined at the ophthalmologist so as to get to know the actual cause of the blurry vision. The vision haziness occurs due to lack of sharpness in your vision and you are not able to see the object clearly but with slight blurriness. This defect may be due to hereditary or non hereditary in nature. Some of the blurred vision is rectified by wearing of glasses or lenses while others may be due to the presence of an eye disease.

Diagnosing the real problem

You may be able to identify the real problem only after a visit to the ophthalmologist. Your doctor would use several tools to ascertain the nature of the problem and these may be reading the eye chart or other tools. If the vision is blurred and the reason for this is refractive error then it may be rectified with the aid of lenses or glasses. Even refractive surgery is undertaken to give you permanent relief.

The causes of blurred vision are even more difficult to remove if you have eye disease like the glaucoma and the condition if acute may lead to blindness. This type of eye disease is usually hereditary and it is necessary for patients to detect the same at the very early stage by visiting their doctors.

However, visions that are blurred need not be due to eye problems as there are other reasons too that you may cause this kind of problem. These conditions may not even have any direct links with your eye itself. These occur when you experience migraine or stroke. Sometimes, even a headache may be the cause of a temporary blurry vision. If you are under medication for a long time then there may be side effects associated with the medicines and this may cause vision to become blurred.

Then there are people who due to their extreme sensitivity to light may suddenly develop vision that is blurred. Sometimes, simply an irritation in an eye with a foreign object having settled may cause temporary blurriness.

Solution for vision blurriness

You will need to get the best option from your doctor as he or she is the most suitable person to do so. Your doctor may suggest medication or glasses. In many cases wearing glasses may rectify the refractive error and thereby give you relief from blurriness of vision. The same is the case with contact lenses and refractive surgery.
You may also perform routine exercises like walking or yoga to keep you healthy so as to remove any hurdles for the proper flow of blood in the body. Eye exercises are also one way to remove vision blurriness. Although they are slow they may be the best solution for blurred vision in the long period and even help you get rid off your glasses.