Foods for Eyesight (Besides Carrots)

Carrots and other orange color vegetables and fruits promote the health of the eye and improve on vision, and this is very true. Carrots contains interesting vitamins such Beta-Carotene that gives it the orange hue color. This vitamin helps improve the functionality of the retina and other parts of the eye. However, eating healthy is not always about consuming Beta-carotene. However, it is not yet clear how the vitamin improve eye vision, a few other vitamins as well as minerals are crucial for healthy eyes. However, include the following foods in your meals and see your eye vision improve.

Leafy greens

Zeaxanthin and carotenoids are normally found in leafy greens with spinach and kales topping the list of foods with the highest amount of lutein. Other healthy foods include collard greens, Swiss chards, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Zeaxanthin and lutein are crucial for the health of the eye as both of them are found in the macular- a tiny part of the retina, and they help improve central vision.

Lutein is also found mostly in the macular pigment. The macular pigment helps in blue light absorption and protects the central vision. On the other hand, the zeaxanthin is found in the retina.

Orange pepper

Orange pepper is known to possess the highest amount of zeaxanthin. The body of a human being is not able to produce this compound. So, it is important to consume food that is rich in zeaxanthin.

Organic pastured egg yolks

Egg yolk contains high amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein as well as protein and healthy fat, and although the amount of carotenoids is minimal compared to other types of vegetables, they are highly absorbable. According to studies, consuming a few eggs a day increases carotenoid absorption.

Remember, once you heat your eggs or spinach, the lutein or spinach are destroyed and won’t be able to protect your vision. Therefore, you need to cook your eggs under little heat such as soft boiled, poached or raw.

The Alaskan Salmon

The Alaskan Salmon is very rich in omega 3 compounds. The eyes also contains high levels of omega 3 DHA, especially in the retina. Omega 3 helps to providing structural support to your cell membranes that not only protect the retinal function, but also boost the health of the eye. In addition, studies have found out that eating foods rich in omega 3 helps in preventing macular degeneration.

As a matter of fact, people who consumer animal-based omega 3 have 70 percent lower risk of macular degeneration unlike those who eat the least.


Salmon also contains high amounts of Astaxanthin. However, it is not easy to consumer enough of it to achieve maximum clinical results. Haematococcus pluvialis- a type of microalgae is the one responsible for the production of Astaxanthin. This happens when its water supply is cut off, compelling it to protect itself against ultraviolet rays.

Studies and reliable evidences have shown that this compound is one of the most critical for preventing blindness.

Shortsightedness: Cure it Naturally

When you can enjoy and appreciate the beauty around you with clarity, you are blessed, goes a saying. People who are blessed with clear eyesight are really blessed when compared to many others in the world. Having a clear vision of sight is a must, especially during old age. However, there are a lot of people who wear spectacles to correct the very basic thing like shortsightedness, which can be cured by regular eye exercises for shortsightedness in a course of time. The point is to know these exercises and practice them regularly.

Our eyes are surrounded by 6 muscles which can be trained to attain a perfect vision. Just like the biceps that are toned with regular exercise, so can the eyesight be enhanced by strengthening the muscles around the eyes.

The knowledge of these exercises which cures and corrects the vision is of paramount importance. By regular practice, one can get rid of the shortsightedness naturally.

These exercises are proven and supported by in-depth research for many years by prominent scientists. There is absolutely no age/gender bias. Anyone and everyone can work on improving their eyesight naturally with a little bit of patience and perseverance. And most importantly the gumption to follow these exercises without fail on a daily basis for a specific period of time.

There are a couple of basic techniques which can be easily practiced at home like “palming” technique which is to close your eyes and rest them against your palm to relieve the stress in your eyes.”Hydrotherapy” technique is to hold hot and cold water dipped towels alternately against your eyes. This relaxes and rejuvenates the muscles around the eyes and relieves stress in the eyes.

To enhance the flexibility of the governing muscles of the eyes, which aid in control of movements and focusing power, regular exercise is a must.

Focusing on your finger, moving it back and forth, focusing on a blurred object, tromboning exercise, visualization technique are also some basic home techniques to develop a clear vision.

A well-defined program customized to analyze the defects in the eyes and to provide clear instructions on the required exercises to be followed, will be of immense help.

Eye exercises for shortsightedness are careful taught by well trained and experienced instructors who give their valuable insight towards correcting the shortsightedness in your eyes. A lot of emphasis is given on the diet and eating habits. A well defined diet chart with nutrition rich food can create a change in the vision naturally.

Shortsightedness is when your eyeball is longer for which the light rays have to go too far to attain a focus point on your retina. The regular eye exercises for shortsightedness can be worthwhile effort which includes following specific techniques. One can improve short sightedness by exercises which are utterly simple to apply and follow.

Exercises for shortsightedness can bring about a huge change in your visual ability and a lot of other factors closely associated with clear eyesight.

Train your eyes and strengthen your eye muscles to rejoice the beauty around you with clarity and crystal clear focus.

Why Glaucoma is considered a Dreaded Disease of the Eyes?

The reason why glaucoma is considered a dreaded disease of the eye is mainly because of its hidden appearance and symptom free presence. It often comes without warning in most cases and when it actually appears to give some faint symptoms later on then the matter becomes too late and the patient in most cases progressively lose their eyesight for good. Glaucoma is seen to be inherited in most cases and is often associated with build up pressure in the eyes. Although it may have been present in a person during his or her early life, its symptoms are seen only late in life. Most patients affected by the disease are above the age of 40 years although it has been seen in children and adolescents too.

Causes and symptoms

The exact causes of the disease is not yet known although hereditary factors do contribute heavily especially in family history where there are more than one case seen. You may also find glaucoma causes associated with physical injuries in the eye or due to chemicals. These may be uncommon yet they too are reasons for the eye’s optic nerve to get injured.

Other uncommon factors are blocking of blood supplies to the eyes or due to eye surgery done for some other vision problem. Although the disease is seen to affect both eyes they may however be at varying degrees. If you have crossed the age of 40 and have a family history of such cases then you may go and check up your eyes every year or every two years.

The symptoms appear in some patients while for the majority there are no symptoms which mean that you need to go to your doctor regularly for eye examination. The first sign of the disease is generally loss of your peripheral vision or side vision. If you experience sudden eye pain or headache or experience blurred vision then you may perhaps be having glaucoma symptoms which again need to be established by visit to an ophthalmologist.

Some people see halos around any light source while others experience vision loss, redness of eyes or nausea or vomiting sensation. Towards the progressive stage most patients report tunnel vision.

Treatment for the disease

Glaucoma has to be treated at the very early stage or usually it is too late as patients may go blind. There are of course prescription drugs like eye drops that may reduce the formation of fluids in front of the eye or increase its outflow. Your doctor may also suggest laser surgery or microsurgery. This is done only after a comprehensive testing is carried out and the progress of the disease is analyzed.

It is usually seen that some well proven eye exercises and better dietary components may go a long way in preventing the disease. It is seen that glaucoma treatment is only a later process where the chances of cure is quite difficult as the same may have become quite serious. Hence, taking care of your eyes at early stage is your best chance of success.

Dry Eyes Syndrome and its Causes and Symptoms

In medical terms the dry eyes condition or syndrome is known as keratoconjuctivitis and is often widely seen around the world. Usually this syndrome is often found among older people and is seen to be progressive over the years. During dry eyes people often find that their eyes have become scratchy, gritty and that there is a burning sensation even while they feel that there is something inside their eyes. In most cases dry eyes are well taken care of by a good ophthalmologist and more often patients feel a sense of greater eye comfort. This also means that dry eye syndrome is never cured wholly as it lingers on through out the life of the patients on whom it has affected.

Causes of dry eyes

The causes of dry eyes are many although its association with age has been one of the reasons. It is usually seen that people experience hormonal changes in their body system as they age and this produces the dry eye affect as their eyes produces lesser tears than earlier.

Among the other causes of dry eyes one is directly linked with the environment or workplace where there is greater wind speeds or air conditions used. This especially happens to people who are regularly under the influence of wind or air conditions. The other important cause is the sun exposure as too much of it often makes the eyes go dry.

People often complain of dry eyes when they take medication due to cold or allergy. Heat or chemical burns is often seen to be the cause of dry eyes conditions and so also those who smoke regularly. This often is again seen in those who do not smoke, but are forced to inhale second hand smoke from others.

Dry eyes have been found in patients who had underwent an eye surgery earlier or when the glands that produce tears are destroyed.

Symptoms of dry eyes

You may find several kinds of symptoms when you are having dry eyes condition. Most probably you may feel blurring of your vision as well as burning and itching. You may also feel scratchy feeling in your eyes and become sensitive to light. These symptoms are commonly found yet there may be other symptoms of dry eyes and these again can be confirmed by your doctor by carrying out the necessary tests and eye exams.

In order to ascertain the dry eyes conditions and its severity your doctor may carry out different types of tests so as to prescribe the right medications and treatment. The tests may determine your visual acuity measurement with the help of most sophisticated instruments that are available today.

Your doctor may otherwise carry out the slit lamp exam of your eye or may use the diagnostic staining of the cornea and tear film. Then there are measurements like the tear film breaking time, measurement of rate of such tear production or the doctor may also carry out yet another examination like the measurement of concentration of tears in your eyes.


Astigmatism: Caused by an Irregular Shaped Cornea

If you are suffering from improper vision the chances are that you will approach an ophthalmologist before the conditions becomes worse. Naturally, the doctor would carry out a series of test and then diagnose and in some cases you may be having vision problem like the astigmatism. This means that astigmatic vision problem is seen or only revealed during a check up with your ophthalmologist. In most cases vision problems doesn’t mean only astigmatism as patients have been diagnosed for either myopia or hyperopia along with astigmatic vision problem. Hence, your doctor would prescribe glasses or lenses so as to give you better vision. Otherwise, you may go for refractive surgery so that you may avoid wearing glasses.

Astigmatic vision problem

If you have only astigmatic vision problem then you may have gone to your doctor only when you start seeing things in a blurred way in any direction. Your ophthalmologist would check up your cornea with torch light and ascertain the degree of damage to your eyesight due to this. Hence, you must first of all understand as to what is astigmatism before coming to any conclusion by yourself.

The exact causes of astigmatic or blurred vision are not quite known although doctors attribute it to hereditary problems and due to injuries in the eyes. However, it is true that both children and adult may have astigmatic vision problem. Again, the shape of the cornea greatly affects vision that may turn objects into astigmatic blurred image.

It is generally seen that the cornea is symmetrically round in shape and this means resembling something like a baseball. In medical terms this means that one meridian is curved more than the one perpendicular to it. However, in case of astigmatic vision the cornea remains irregular in shape.

You may also find astigmatic vision problem in persons whose lens shape inside their eyes doesn’t allow proper identification of objects. This is known as lenticular astigmatism. Then there is myopic astigmatic visual acuity when the principal meridians of the eyes or both are nearsighted while others may have hyperopic astigmatic visual acuity when their principal meridian or both are farsighted.

Other types of astigmatic visual acuity

Some people may have mixed astigmatic visual acuity and this happens when one principal meridian is nearsighted while the other is farsighted. There is yet another but very rare type of astigmatic visual acuity and this is known as keratoconus and during this stage the cornea becomes progressively smaller. There are chances of these becoming severe so that the only option left with you is a corneal transplant.

The most effective treatments are glasses and refractive surgery for the other three types of astigmatic vision defect where patients would see all objects as blurred. Your doctor may also suggest LASIK or PRK both laser type surgeries although the later may require more recovery time.

In all mild cases of astigmatic vision no medications are usually prescribed by the doctors as then you needn’t know how to cure astigmatism in such cases as they tend to disappear on their own.

Bates Method: How Does it Differ for Enhancing Natural Vision?

Bates principles for improving eyesight naturally is by removing the perpetual habit of strain that people developed over the years. The causes of strain mainly arise out of long misuse and improper utilization of human eye muscles such that their work falls too short of optimum functioning. Although Dr Bates developed the concept a century or so back, its importance was being seen only in recent times. Although most ophthalmologists and medical experts rejected the theory that Bates put forth yet the same has now been brought into limelight for certain ideas of the theory do hold good. It is true that nothing can be done about hereditarily occurring eye diseases and other chronic vision problems yet for those who are facing shortsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism this method may bring about great relief.

Reducing the need for glasses

According to Bates glasses make permanent distortion of vision and therefore should be avoided at all cost. For this he suggests reducing strain by observing gradual relaxation of your eyes. He says that there is more to vision than just carelessly or casually observing objects. Here, both the eyes and the mind should be in uniformity while observing objects or images.

As per bates method the eyes must perceive light, darkness, colors, shades and movements of the same in their details and depths while most people do so casually by taking all these for granted. This gap brings about strain and by and large the eyes become simply transmitters of information for the brain to process.

In order to bring about proper strength of vision he suggests removing of glasses and then to adopt a few good techniques to look at objects. This would eventually lead to better vision. He suggests a highly effective method like the palming that would give good relaxation to the eyes. The other methods are observing the swing of surroundings and then trying to get the whole of the picture immediately in your imagination.

The other step consists of catching the flashes that usually bring strain and in order to attain the state of relaxation for your eyes by making use of the ‘clear flashes’. These flashes are used as tools as and when they appear and you try to remember the whole picture with sharpness and clarity. This is done by absorbing the image through your eyes and then closing them so that you may imagine what you have seen. This technique over a period of time would reduce your eye strain.

Perfecting your vision

Bates suggests more of natural methods of exercising your eyes so that over a period of time you may have perfect vision. He says that you may be able to note the difference by using eye chart and with the other test cards. You may for instance try to maximize your focus for details while observing an object or letter from a distance and then closing your eyes to remember it.

Again, you actually need to enjoy the sun so that some good natural sunlight would enter your eyes.

Lasik Surgery: What are the Salient Points?

You may be quite surprised about it yet a lasik surgery takes hardly five minutes and you may look your natural self once more. The most important aspect of Lasik is that it does not waste time for the patient and when you have committed to it you may never ever have to wear your glasses or contact lenses. It rectifies your eye’s refractive error by reshaping your cornea and the gaze. You may correct your vision even if you have refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbiopia. In all such cases you may be assured of permanent cure if you carry out Lasik or more commonly known as laser surgery of the eye.

Advantages of laser surgery

You may opt to go for laser surgery if you are a busy person and do not wish to spend time choosing glasses. Again, you may have difficulties of wearing glasses if your work is such or you may frequently misplace or loose your glasses due to forgetfulness. In such cases the Lasik procedure is the best one for you as you may once for all get your vision error corrected.

However unlike the lenses or glasses you need to meet higher expenses if you go for lasik eye surgery although it will still be a one time spending of your hard earned money. If you calculate the cost over a few decades for wearing glasses or lenses then you will note that Lasik is surely the cheapest. This is mainly because you may loose or damage your glasses or may have to change them according to the latest fashion or that you may need to increase the power of your glasses for better vision.

A patient usually feels the quick change brought forth by the laser surgery as his or her cornea heals. For those wishing a natural look the Lasik way is the best way to go forward. This is because if you are wearing contact lenses then it still remains an artificial way of looking at objects. Besides, your lenses usually decrease the amount of oxygen going into your cornea as well as make your eyes lose their ability to remove toxins, bacteria and other allergens.

Disadvantages of laser surgery

You have certain disadvantages of Lasik and this is that there might be a degree of night vision problem. You may see glares, halos and become sensitivity to bright lights yet the same would go away after three months of the surgery. You may also see red spots on your eyes and this too may go off after a week or at the most a month.

Then some people experience the dry eyes symptoms after the surgery yet here too this will disappear after a week or at the most 3 months. You may be asked to put eye drops by your doctor for getting relief.

In spite of the above problems cost of lasik is around $2200 for one eye on an average with variations depending on the technology and the particular need of the patient.

Peripheral Vision: What are the Main Deciding Factors

Simply stated if you feel that your vision is like looking through a tunnel where on both sides you feel darkness or opaqueness then you get an idea of what peripheral vision really means. In technical terms this kind of vision is part of the normal vision that occurs outside the center point of your gaze. In other words, if you have this kind of vision problem then it means that you don’t actually see objects or surroundings in the normal wide angled way although you may be able to visualize things at the center of your gaze. This kind of vision problem that some people experience is also known as tunnel vision. Studies have revealed that generally human beings have lesser peripheral vision than that of animals.

Problems with tunnel vision

You are likely to experience several problems with tunnel vision as the density of your receptor cells on the retina, in technical way of saying, is the greatest at the center and quite meek or lowest at the edges or sides. This is the first of the symptoms that you may suddenly see and without doubt sometimes the tunnel vision appears all on a sudden and without any warning.

Tunnel VisionYou may also find it difficult in distinguishing between different types of color and shapes of objects. You may also find it difficult to see in dim light and may also find it difficult to walk properly due to vision problem on the edges. It is also seen that people may suffer severe to moderate symptoms of such vision loss that may affect their lifestyle too.

Some people may experience flashes in peripheral vision along with tiny specks also known as eye floaters that drift aimlessly around your field of vision. This may greatly affect their daily routine and would prove to be quite dangerous while driving. In such cases you must seek medical attention at once.

Basic causes of tunnel vision is due to glaucoma, eye strokes, detached retina, brain damage, neurological damage, compressed optic nerves and head injuries.


There is no good treatment if you have severe tunnel vision loss although for moderate cases there may be some solace. In case of moderate tunnel vision loss you may go to a low vision specialist who may prescribe you specialized eyewear or optical devices. You may with the help of these improve your mobility and may slowly carry out routine tasks at home or office.

You may also experience blurred peripheral vision caused by strokes, eye injuries, toxins and other medical conditions. In such case you don’t see things properly as in many cases it is seen that the retina gets torn and dislodged and the inner back portion of your eye that provides the vital function like blood, nutrients and oxygen gets blocked.

The best way for keeping away tunnel vision is to prevent it in the first place. There are some eye exercises taught by sports expert that can be useful for you or otherwise you may put eye drops prescribed by your doctor.

Eye Exercises: Make the Best Use of Them

Growing number of people are nowadays affected by vision problems and the same is not limited to old age only as even children at very young age has been found to have one or other refractive error of the eye. The matter has assumed serious proportion as most people having eye vision problem are from the developed world. There is little doubt that the sedentary work has greatly contributed to this as most people in these countries spend most part of their working hours before the computers.

Hence a lot of research is being carried out to find reasons as to why people in modern life are more prone to vision problems and whether there is any way to solve this. There are tips on how to improve your eyesight naturally so that you may have good eyesight through out your life.

Best ways to improve refractory problems

Among the best ways to improve your existing vision or to prevent your vision from scaling down over a period of time is to make use of these time tested tips to protect one of the most important senses of your body. The best known way that has come down to us through ancient times is the natural way to restore your vision.

You must first make sure whether you have refractory problem or that you have inherited any disease of the eye. For this you must undergo a general check up at your ophthalmologist who will take detailed analysis of your eye apart from checking the pressure of the eye. Why this is important? This will give you the reason why you would need eye exercises or go for medication.

Remember, refractive errors are not diseases and can be rectified whereas diseases like glaucoma are often incurable when they are at their advanced stage and causes blindness. After this first tip you must be able to practice out the best of dozen exercises for the eye. You may get this by downloading programs from the Internet or with the help of your ophthalmologist.

You may also make use of tips for improving your eyesight from your friends or relations.

Make the best use of all these

If you have understood the basic exercises then it would be relatively easy for you to follow as they help in strengthening the six muscles of the eye. You must make sure that you have included the palming affect, blinking, side way viewing, front and sideways viewing, rotational viewing, ups and downs viewing, near and distant viewing and preliminary nose tip gazing.

You carry out these exercises regularly without fail and to tell the truth it would take hardly take half an hour of your time. Many people around the world have got rid off their glasses and contact lenses just by doing these exercises.

The last and not the least is the type of food you should take. Take a lot of carotene, green leafy vegetables, fish and foods that your doctor may suggest to you to improve eyesight.

Eye Protection: Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays and Vision Problems

Eye Protection: Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays and Vision Problems

Your eyes are your vision of the world and despite your other senses it gives you best feel of the environment around you. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you protect your eyes from visionary problems and UV rays so that you don’t loose your vision. Many diseases like glaucoma are the result of blindness during old age and this can be to a great extent prevented if you protect your eyes and keep them out of harms ways. For proper eye protection you must have a fair idea as to what keeps your eyes healthy and what you must do to keep the vision sharp till old age. You may follow the steps given below so that you may have a very good lasting vision throughout your life.

Steps that help keep your eyes protected

You must never hesitate to visit your ophthalmologist no matter whether you have a vision problem or none whatsoever. It is better to start early than late. Some diseases of the eyes may never get rectified if the problem has gone beyond control. This means that if you ever find some kind of change in your vision then at once visit your doctor.

Reading Eyeglasses: How to Choose the Right

With this first step you will get to know whether you have any vision problem or not. In most cases of refractive errors unlike eye diseases are rectified by wearing of glasses, refractive surgery or wearing lenses. You may ask your doctor for professional help. However, if you do not have much of vision problem then you may still make a trip to your doctor once every two years. You never know when your vision problem may surface.

You may protect your eyes by doing some of the well tested eye exercises every day. These exercises keep the eye muscles at their best and tend to keep diseases at bay. You may also do other physical exercises as a fit body is always lowers chances of eye blood pressure and improves vision.

In order to protect your eyes from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun you may wear glasses bought from a reputed optometrist.

Other things to look out for

As prevention is better than cure it would be better if you stop smoking, keep away from bright lights and always make sure that you read and write under proper light. Further, watch TV only from a distance and so also make sure that you wear protective gear if your job is such. For instance, people who do drilling and welding are often prone to some foreign objects entering the eye if they do not use the prescribed equipments.

And not the least is the food that you take everyday. Try to avoid junk food as they not only make a person unhealthy which in turn affects the eyes, but they may bring about other health problems too. You make sure that your diet contains enough of carotene, fish with Omega 3 fatty acids and lots of leafy green vegetables and other essential vitamins.

Blurred Vision: What are the Causes and Solutions

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